The first BioMeld Workshop

The first workshop for the BioMeld project was held on 10 June in Genoa as part of the Living Machines 2023 conference. 
The Workshop focused on providing a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in biohybrid actuator technology and the corresponding enabling technologies. 

With a specific focus on addressing the challenges crucial to the success of the BioMeld project, the workshop featured nine talks, each exploring a different area relevant to the project. 

On the macro perspective, the talks covered the construction of complete multiscale and multimodal biohybrid androids. The speakers then delved deeper into specific aspects necessary for the implementation and synthesis of  these actuators. Key areas of discussion included the exploration of metamaterials, which play a vital role in enhancing the performance of biohybrid actuators. Integration of muscle-based actuators was also addressed, emphasizing the importance of effectively incorporating these components into the overall system. Keeping the integrated cells alive for as long as possible was another critical topic. Furthermore, the workshop explored the application of organic electronics in controlling such systems. Speakers highlighted the potential of organic electronics to provide precise control and regulation, contributing to the advancement of biohybrid actuator technology. Lastly, the possibilities of simulations and machine learning in optimizing the aforementioned steps were discussed. Participants emphasized the potential of these computational approaches to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the synthesis and implementation of biohybrid actuators.

Overall, the workshop provided an in-depth overview of the latest advancements in biohybrid actuator technology. The talks covered various aspects necessary for the successful development and integration of biohybrid actuators, shedding light on the challenges and potential solutions in the field.