Empowering Female Entrepreneurship Summit

The Summit, which took place on 8-9 March 2023, was a dynamic and inspiring event that brought together women from across the business and entrepreneurial landscape. The summit was co-organized by EU Female Founders with the support of the European Commission, who initiated the network.

The Summit focused on funding, networking, building ecosystems, education, mental resilience, diversity and inclusion. The purpose of the summit was to address the issues and obstacles that female entrepreneurs still face today, and to better understand why female entrepreneurship in Europe is still lagging.

Our team member from the Faculty of Agriculture, Novi Sad, Marina Kovačević attended the summit. She was invited by the organizers because she has been actively participating in several related programmes organized under the Horizon EIC programmes such as Women Leadership Programme, EIC Innovation Bootcamp 3.0, and The Collider Venture Builder programme (organized in collaboration with the EIC). This Summit brought together women from different backgrounds and industries to share their experiences and insights. Their stories were both inspiring and enlightening, as they discussed various topics ranging from securing funding to building a strong support system. Through the networking sessions, she was able to make valuable connections with other female scientists and entrepreneurs who shared her passion for innovation and change.


As part of the computational group, Marina is working on developing an AI platform for designing digital twins of biohybrid robots. Her contribution to this project and her expertise in physical chemistry bring a unique perspective and value to the project.

The BioMeld project places a strong emphasis on gender equality, and we are committed to creating an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all. We have taken steps to ensure that all team members feel valued and supported, and that everyone has equal opportunities to contribute to the project’s success. We hope that our initiative will further promote gender equality in science.